Twelve scent Hot Pot---- Be rich-in imagination and taste


Chinese hotpot, also known as Chinese fondue, is one of the most popular meals in China. It consists of a simmering metal pot with broth at the center of a table, and all raw ingredients placed beside the metal pot, so people can add and cook whatever they like in the broth.

Paxton put eyes on the feast of the tongue--- Hot Pot. Another Masterpiece of Paxton---Twelve scent Hot Pot, which meams twelve sense of taste in the English. the "twelve" is the metaphor of 12 months and ggod as dual, which means perfect. so the "twelve" is an auspicious number both in China and other countries. In Chinese, the "Qi Miao" sounds like " 7 seconds", which is the clever metaphor of the boiling time of ingredients. it is wonderful to have a clear view of the fresh, lively and enjoyable of hot pot. You can choose the  measurement of a chilli's spiciness. "Qi" sounds like "7" in Chinese. As a mysterious magic number, Twelve scent brings constantly surprises to diners. Paxton always inherited European service concept, at the same time, blend the cultural essence of the local market. This cross border products will bring the world distinctive amazing!